AutoSimTrade – Zenbot GUI and Strategy

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Dip is a strategy for Zenbot that works great on volatile curriencies like Orchid, and  it doesn’t do too bad on other cryptos with little variance like Bitcoin. This product consists of 5 scripts and a executable that allow the bot to watch 11 curriencies and pick the dip percentage with the highest postive return on investment.

This product requires Nodejs, and Mongodb, and Zenbot to be installed and configured with Coinbase Pro API keys. The dip strategy is highly customisable and also runs with the zenbot command line with lots of parameters. Run the dipbotfinal-patch.exe file from zenbot directory to extract the needed files and replace balance.js to produce text usable by the trade bot. After extracting, run AutoTradeDipGUIFinal.exe.

Use this link to signup with Coinbase, deposit $100, and get $10 back.


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