Author: jeremy

Zenbot sim and Brute Force

@echo offset _endPct=10set _crypto=OXT-USDset _strategy=dipset _dipPct=3ECHO Simulating dip 3 to 10 percent for %_crypto%:loopset _zen_cmd=zenbot sim –strategy=%_strategy% gdax.%_crypto% –dip_pct=%_dipPct%FOR /f “tokens=2 delims=^()^” %%H IN (‘%_zen_cmd% ^|find “end balance”‘) DO set _roi=%%HECHO Spread: %_dipPct% percent  ROI: %_roi%set /A _dipPct=%_dipPct%+1IF %_dipPct% LEQ %_endPct% goto loopPAUSE I made this batch script to execute zenbot sim with 3 parameters. You can see how I placed those values into the string that will be the zenbot command. FOR is a bit of black magic; it sets the _roi variable using the […]